The Reef Rescue Mission

Answer the call of corals together with the Reef Rescue Network! We’re committed to improving the condition of coral reefs by restoring populations of corals and other species that will build coral reef resilience. These actions will result in meaningful coral restoration across large spatial scales to make substantial improvements to coral reef health and contribute to our knowledge of coral biology, ecology, reef ecosystem function, and how we can improve their condition.

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50 Coral Nurseries. 14 Islands.

With coral nurseries spanning 3 countries and 14 islands, we’re the largest coral restoration coalition in the Caribbean. Our nurseries are living laboratories for research that allow us to plant and propagate corals, harness unparalleled genetic diversity, and rebuild coral reefs at an unprecedented ecosystem-level scale.

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Girl standing at ocean floor wearing diving mask looking up in front of coral nursery.

100% of your donation goes toward coral reef restoration

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Part Restoration, Part Exploration

Whether you’re diving into the depths or snorkeling around the reefs, you’ll have the chance to explore the incredible underwater world while contributing to the crucial work of coral reef restoration. With PADI Specialty courses and experiences in coral restoration, shark, and sea turtle conservation, there’s an experience for every adventurer.

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