A girl diver swimming over coral near the ocean floor.

Conservation Goals

Let’s revive the reef—together.

We’ve set ambitious goals, and we need your help. Oceans are at the heart of history and culture throughout the Caribbean, and we must act quickly to preserve the reefs that provide indescribable value to these communities.

With your generosity, we can make these goals a reality by the end of 2024.

  • 1
    Reef Restoration
    10000 Corals Planted

    Breathe new life onto our reefs by planting nursery reared corals of five unique species, restoring the foundation for thriving marine ecosystems that support biodiversity and coastal communities.

  • 2
    Expand Coral Nurseries
    50 Coral Reef Nurseries Established

    Pioneering large-scale coral cultivation across The Bahamas and the Caribbean, we aim to be at the forefront of coral restoration science and sustainable eco-tourism worldwide.

  • 3
    Train Reef Rescue Divers
    200 PADI Certified Reef Rescue Divers

    Ignite a nationwide movement by certifying passionate PADI Reef Rescue Divers and supporting the capacity building of dive professionals throughout our network of partners as we amplify our collective impact.

  • 4
    Increase Engagement
    10000 Visitor Hours at the Nurseries

    Encourage individuals to participate in our coral restoration experiences, becoming active coral reef ambassadors, spreading awareness, improving ocean literacy, and mobilizing their communities to support our cause.

  • 5
    Inspire the Next Generation
    200 Students Immersed in Marine Conservation

    Empower the next generation of ocean stewards by providing hands-on education and unique experiences within coral restoration and marine conservation.